Adoption is an Over-Simplified Answer to Abortion

The legislation in NY allowing for full-term abortions has caused a variety of reactions: disgust, anger, indignation, judgement, sadness, silence, even validation.  Many people have reacted with a simple and heartfelt response: “adoption is the answer.” While I agree it is part of the answer, I believe it is an extremely over-simplified response to this … Continue reading Adoption is an Over-Simplified Answer to Abortion

a book!

I’m writing a book. Whew.  It takes a whole lot of courage to admit that I’m working on this project. Maybe I’m scared of it not happening?  Or maybe I’m overwhelmed by enthusiasm? Maybe I still think it’s silly and trivial? I’m about halfway done with the first draft and 120-something pages in, so I … Continue reading a book!

Revamped blog

Come visit our newly updated blog at Over time, didn’t fit our blog name any more.  Clive did win by going to heaven.  But what about Winnie’s story?  And what about adoption, and parenting, and everything else as we continue on in this journey of life.  We have more to share. We never … Continue reading Revamped blog