Sam’s thoughts: Vol. 3

Rachel and I spent the day relaxing this morning, and hiking at Turkey Run this afternoon, and thinking of Clive. One year ago today he went to be with Jesus. We have both felt a whole host of feelings this past year, both high and low (mostly low). Lately, I have been reflecting on the big story God is weaving through everything. I have been reading some of the TimeHop posts from last year and today I saw that over 100 people had shared our news from last year about Clive’s death. I kept noticing that people were commenting on how strangely beautiful the whole thing was, in the midst of the sorrow, and of course how beautiful Clive was.

It got me thinking about the beauty God works in things, even the hard things. I have also been thinking about how, ultimately, Clive’s story is not really Clive’s story. Nor is it our story. Or even our collective shared story. It’s a part of God’s ultimate story. And it’s a good story. That’s the happy part. That’s the part that’s beautiful. If you have followed our story this past year and if any part of it has seemed to you to be beautiful, to be touching, to be meaningful. If it spoke to your heart in any way, I want you to know that those feelings are a reflection of God’s hand in all of this. His story is what gives meaning to all other stories, including this one. I told Rachel today that we’re living in the midst of the tension of the story. The difficult part, but it can also be the part of the story that’s most intriguing, and when you read a story like that you’re excited to see how it turns out. We know, since God is the author of this story, that is turns out well. Clive is with Jesus. Jesus is currently working to restore all things and make them new. Some day that work will be complete, and all tears will be wiped away, and everything will be always and forever only good. That’s the most beautiful part.

I hope you know that. I don’t always, but right now it’s the part of Clive’s story that makes me the most happy. Love you all. Thank you for walking with us and loving us this past year.

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